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if i could turn back time.. [01 Dec 2003|06:30pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

so my playlist on my comp is on shuffle and guess what comes on?? born again- lifer. talk about the good old days/times. ian's first show they played it. they played "idiot" too. everyone was shocked. i know i was. i was right in the front until the last few songs then me, erica, and ashley l headed for the pit. fun times let me tell u. that day was def one of a kind. that's when the Paparozzi Stage Crew came about.. I was number 4 out 5. We had chips everywhere but we def made lots of friends that night from trying to figure out who certain people were. Damn..I wish we could go back to those days. Man oh Man...

hatebreed is coming up soon [dec 11]. i have to talk to someone to see what's going on with that. cuz i am not missing this show. i'll go alone if i hve to.. i'll make some friends. i always do. :) want to come with me?

oh yeah... going to see the Storm on Saturday. you better go! idont know who you are..but if you read this- go!! they rock!

school tomorrow- fucking finally. i can't wait to go back.

and why is fuck considered to be such a bad word?? its for letters made form the alphabet just like any other word... maybe i'll ask a teacher of mine tomorrow. haha

my spanish III homework awaits me.

is this real..am i dreaming?

slc punk [29 Nov 2003|05:08pm]
matthew lillard -- "you cant live your life by lyrics!"

hanging out with fallon tonight.

hung out with kelly last night and met Alan K Stout.. he weites for the Newspaper. We talked about mdf and nick.. and I saw Randy.. poor fellow.
is this real..am i dreaming?

looking back on the goold ol days. [about people that im getting along with right now] [16 Nov 2003|05:59pm]
these past few weeks have been full of drama.. i don't even know how most of it came about, but it did. little things ended up being made into big, huge deals, that they didn't have to turn into. Things happen.. like this had to. I'm not friends with many people that I was friends with (ie: people I met through the mdf days). It's weird.. I met many people through this band and it seems like once the band ended so did our friendships. Go Figure. A lot of good things came out of knowing them..no matter what the circumstances everytime we hung out we had fun. I found pictures of all of us from shows way back in the day. They were good times...better than times right now. I mean without Jay I would have never talked to Matt. Without Gina, I wouldn't have found Chris a flower at the one Croc Rock show. Jess always made the shows sweet with her bags of lollipops. And it doesn't mattter who's not friends anymore..we had one hell of a time on out trip to Allentown. (Me, Fal, Janet, Lynds, and Jay). I mean how much better could day have gotten. Not to mention "3 lights left and 3 lights right." Those are memories thatI will never forget. And Jess..we both know that Allentown will always be about the fro's, braids, and scary drummers. Britt helped me pass my College Skills class last year w/ the info on Drexell.. and hopefully if I go there you'll stillshow me around. And you hooked me up with mDf interview from the radio station in Philly. [I never did hear that considering I left the tape in Lynds' car] Manda hooked me up with a CD featuring songs that i never thought could fit onto the same CD...what a mix. lol Some of these things might seem little, and they are, but it's the little things that count.

Take this for what you want.. I'm taking it as a memory..a damn good one at that.
is this real..am i dreaming?

open book test [14 Nov 2003|04:24pm]
open book test in english lit.. i probably did bad. its not like other open books.. it deals wiht opinions and mine never seem to be right. oh well.

i will hardly post in this anymore.. i have a new LJ that will get more use.

catch ya on the flipside
is this real..am i dreaming?

brick wall [09 Nov 2003|07:27pm]
"the needle and the damage done"

man.. somethings suck, really bad. and i hate. just when i think things are going good, something bad always happens. it feels like i keep getting kicked in the face.

anyway.. today me and ash faced wilkes-barre's autumn chill and went for a walk. we ended up at my grams. we reminseed about old memories..there are soo many.

on the walk home we saw good ol' Mat Giordano from AAL. He beeped and we waved back. He's soo cool.

ash came over and we listened tosome tunes and i drew squares..fuuun. haha we read old lyrics. oh gosh.

i need to study.
is this real..am i dreaming?

Extra tips! [08 Nov 2003|10:50pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Let's start off with a quote from the talented Nick Coyle:
"I'm not mentioning any names." -Ugly.

Side Note #1:: I am cool..don't tell me I'm not. I will tell you that you do make me laugh. Jeppers..not as much as whatI heard on Thursday, but it's a start. I want to applaude you..although I dont Live Journal's connection supports claps. Too bad,so sad. MWAH and Good Fortune to you and yours.

Side Note #2:: The new AAL Ep makes my hear skip a beat.. I LOVE IT!! "Aware" and "Honor" are amazing! You will love them too. And I know cuz I can tell the future.

Side Note #3:: You lie to one of close friends... niiiice. We know the truth.

Side Note #4:: I am so in the inner circle that I want to laugh. Oh wait I can laugh cuz what I know is hysterical. LMAO!! I am serously laughing out loud.

Final and Hysterical Note:: Derek and Milli Vanilli have somehting in common.. if u know Milli's secret.

is this real..am i dreaming?

I usually hate the C word..this time it makes me laugh. [08 Nov 2003|10:38pm]
[ mood | cool ]

lets recap shall we::

Thursday :: BB. OK..nothing astonishing. I did my homework in line..it was called myDownfalland. It rocked like Mt Everest.

After the show I talked to some people.. I think I had more fun after the show than during. I definatly had a good laugh. I needed one after I saw some sights.. but we're over that now because good things came on Friday.

Friday:: Metro. w/ Ash, Kelly, and Janet. Lots of fun. I talked to Lenny. </b>:)</b> Good show.. Good tiimes. Yay for seeing Nick's bro.. we chatted for a few.

I got a shirt..but it's way too big. I hope to switch for a smaler size at the next show. Hopefully.

Tonight:: Mall. Ash adn L-Dawg. I'll admit it, I'm a bit slow.. but funny. Lacey rocks cuz she picked up a penny and then we had good luck. I love the sound of new shoes.

is this real..am i dreaming?

bundles of joy [05 Nov 2003|08:23pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

since the disbanding of myDownfall i needed some happiness as of late..today i got it!!

i had swim but by some twist of fate i had a meeting during second period..which meant no swim. woot. woot. thennn.... i go to turkely hill wiht my sis to get gas and guess who's there? Lenny! I was happy.. we talked about shows. Then I left.. I can't wait til Friday.

Friday we are going to Metro.. I will be wearing my new pink sweater.. I will look soo hardcore haha.

I wish things always went my way.

is this real..am i dreaming?

Bad Timing, Bad Luck [02 Nov 2003|07:15pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Last ngiht was bundles of fun. Lacey came over and then we headed to Stanton Lanes to see if we could get lanes. We couldn't so after numerous phone calls to Sarrah and Alison we deciced to hit up Chako's. Alison picked me and Lacey up at my house. On the way there these guys in the car next to us were rolling down the windows and what not. It was funny.

We got to Chako's and met up with Sarrah and Chris. I had really ugly bowling shoes..everyone else's were pretty. Mine were extremely big too. I did really bad. In the first game I got a 21.Yeah I suck. However, Chris informed me that I was holding the ball wrong so when I did the way he showed me I got a strike. Go Chris!

Around 9:15..Lacey, Alison, and myself went to Burger King for some chow. Me and Alison, both chocked on our chicken..not cool. haha. After that we went home and I was bored. I watched the Replacements and went to sleep.

I like it when I only have 2 hips..I think 3 is just too much for me handle.

I went with my sister to the movie store and then to MickeyD's.

Today was a whole lot of nothing. And now it is clear to me that I will never talk to Lou. Damn..

Good-Bye myDownfall.

is this real..am i dreaming?

wan ton soup [01 Nov 2003|04:38pm]
thursday's [myDownfall, An American Liar, Good Grief, and Electric Candy Shop.]show was good. everything went well. some people suck others rock my socks. metal al was a pimp..how funny!! i went with brynn we had a fun time. we kept mixing up the words cuz nick has bad timing.. our styles of music are changing..i think its for the better.

last night me and marianne want to the game then left about 8. matt was there..oh well. liz picked us up and then we went driving around. i mae up my own words to Minus the Bear. I should be a songwriting. we went to wegmans and i stole stickers..what a rebel!

then we headed over to B&N.. i got juice cuz im not too fond of coffee. Then I saw my old bass teacher and Brynn and her mom. Not to mention Bill and Jenn. after that we went wendys. then we cruised around the square. we blasted Thursday on the way home.

we are emo.and ware going to start a band.a psychobilly one if u will. i am going to learn how to play the chello.woot woot.

tonight..so far bowling.

holla back.
is this real..am i dreaming?

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