moving fast but going nowhere

26 February
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I'll wait until tomorrow
maybe you'll feel better then
maybe we'll be better then
so what's another day
when I can't bear these nights of thoughts
of going on without you
this mood of yours is temporary
it seems worth the wait
to see your smile again
out of the corner of your eye
won't be the only way you'll look at me then. - Dashboard Confessional

Days will come that make no sense
my present situation makes me think too much (too much)
it all revolves around you
this life that i'm living means nothing without you - Adema

we left this land of shiny lights
I wish I may, I wish I might
when all these dreams have come to end
you wish you were, you're not my friend - breaking benjamin

There's nothing wrong, why are you so angry?
it's been so long, why can't we all get along?
Why don't you listen? Hear me scream
Watch me as I demonstrate the way I feel
Look at me, Look at me, this is how I feel -myDownfall

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